Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tell Us About Your Business Opportunity

Let the world know about your business opportunity. This is one time where you WON'T get dinged for spam.

Keep the comments clean and make sure your opportunity is a viable one and will allow someone to make money. Any comments that don't meet this criteria WILL BE DELETED.

Tell us the name of the opportunity, what kind of opportunity it is (i.e. affiliate program, sales, referrals, etc.), how much cost is involved (if any), how you make money, how long you have been in the program and if it has been successful or not for you.

While you're here on our site, please take a moment out to take the short poll at the bottom of the page and let us know how you have been doing on the Internet.

This is your chance to advertise for free. If you have a blog, let me know about it and consider linking to ours.


Joseph R. Mays
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