Monday, July 28, 2008

Consistency and Persistence...and They Will Come

Consistency and persistence are two very necessary elements to make it in the Internet game. You must consistently look for ways to improve. Whether it be the layout, the add-ons, promoting your online presence, it must all be consistently looked upon for ways to get more out of it. Persistence is that trait that tells you not to give up; to keep doing what you are doing until something changes for the better.

A place to start is consistently monitoring your website or blog. There are numerous companies out there with widgets and stats counters. Histats and Sitemeter are two stat counters that I use. You can use the information to determine where your visitors are coming from, where they are going to on your site and even how long they stayed on the site or a particular page. How much information you want to gather is up to you, but learning what these statistics are telling you should be goal number one.

Another aspect is making your page and content search engine friendly. If you are using a blogger platform like WordPress or Blogger, then you already have an edge up. They are already set up to be indexed by search engines like Google. When your post is posted, the tags are used for searches within WordPress or Blogger as well as the search engines themselves.

How can you get good keywords to place within your post's tag section? A utility like
WordTracker can help you with keywords. Another resource is Ablewise. They have a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool that goes even further. It analyzes the META tags in a document as well as the keywords. It will show you the keyword density and number of times that keywords show up in that post or on that web page. You can analyze the report and see which keywords you are already using and add those that show up in the report, but are not being used.

We will follow up on this topic in a future blog post. Stay tuned for more.

Yours in success,

Joseph R.Mays

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