Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Patience and Persistence are Necessary Virtues in MLM

Dear Reader:

As some of you have discovered, building an MLM business is not always a pleasant experience. It can be wrought with frustration and an increasing lack of interest as positive results are scarce, if visible at all. In addition, most of our visions are NOT shared by others. We walk to the beat of a different drummer. This coupled with the pressures of modern family life, put an extreme burden on individuals breaking from traditional income sources.

We all want to make money instantly, but unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. We MUST have a SYSTEM in place to help us achieve results that we need. Tangible results such as more leads, increased sign-ups and sales that get closed are what we are looking to achieve. Each of these results will end up as positive cash flow for your business. These results are the fruits of your dreams and are NOT out of reach. Build a system or use an existing one. Follow that system step by step. Analyze it from time to time and refine it, if necessary, to squeeze more profits from it. You will be greatly pleased with the results and your Frustration Meter will lose it's job. The Smile All the Way to the Bank Meter will take it's place.

Your family will love you more as they now see you (the happy you) and not the grinchy you. They will no longer see you when you were frustrated from long nights on the computer with little or no sleep and growled :-O when that advertising project went south.

Stay after it. DON'T GIVE UP! It WILL stop raining one day and the sun WILL come out and a rainbow WILL appear and your business WILL be on solid ground and self-sustaining. You can look on your accomplishments with pride. You will also be able to relax because NOW you can take care of your family with NO WORRIES about:

  • Bills
  • Insurance
  • Car Repairs
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Vacation
  • Christmas :-)
  • Education
  • Owning your own home
  • Daycare
  • There's more but it's in the past now (You are successful and living a life of abundance)

I proclaim this wish to all of you out there who want to fulfill their dreams and achieve financial freedom. Let's make it happen THIS YEAR in 2008 in the Year of Our Lord.

Yours in success,

Joseph R. Mays
EZ Wealth Solution

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