Monday, February 2, 2009

Promote YOUR Opportunity Here on Our Blog - FREE

Here's the chance of a lifetime. A free-for-all of untold proportions. We are giving YOU the reader a chance to post YOUR opportunities on our site (in the comments section). We want the world to see what YOU have to offer. The following rules MUST be abided by or your entry WILL BE DELETED and YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. Let's keep things away from the latter as I really want to help people and I don't want to do it unless I'm forced.

Please abide by the following rules:

* The site MUST be G-Rated (Your son or daughter can see it without no legal recourse)
* MUST be a legitimate business opportunity
* DON'T Repost the same opportunity over and over again
* Write a good headline, description and working URL
* Remember, this is YOUR moment to SHINE!
*Have FUN! :-) :-) Let's see how it goes and I may do it once a quarter. :-)

* You can still advertise on for FREE if you don't want to do it here.

Yours in money-making and website promotion,

Joseph R. Mays

1 comment:

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